Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Reach Me

Please be proactive about coming to see me. I can give advice about academic problems, and I am interested in general discussion about your academic program. One of your responsibilities at JMU is to choose courses that give you a compelling, challenging and useful education. A part of my function is to help you figure out what those might be, if you want my input.

My first preference is to see you in person, during office hours. You do not need to make an appointment for these. Just show up. I can answer brief procedural questions through e-mail, which I reply to at least once a day Monday through Friday. The e-mail medium is not conducive to more thoughtful conversations, though, so if we are going to talk about something important please come see me. If you have classes that conflict with all of my office hours, we can arrange (by e-mail) an appointment at our mutual convenience.

My office is Roop 122, inside of Roop 119.
From September 5 forward, my regular fall 2012 office hours are current on my web site:

 My e-mail address is brownet (at) jmu (dot) edu, or e.theta.brown (at) gmail (dot) com