Monday, October 20, 2014

Planning for spring courses

Spring courses:

Spring course offerings will be available on MyMadison starting the week of October 20.
Your spring course enrollment window is posted on the Student Center of your MyMadison page. You will enroll yourself online during you individual enrollment appointment. Depending on your amount of transfer credits, your appointment will be October 29 or 31.

Before you do this, I would like to meet with you to discuss your spring courses. Look for e-mail on October 24 concerning appointments and extended office hours October 27-31.

Here are some courses that you should or must take next term:

Courses you should in the spring semester if you are a mathematics major: 

If you are currently taking Math 231: Calculus with Functions I, you should take Math 232: Calculus with Functions II in the spring.
If you are currently taking Math 235: Calculus I, you should take Math 236: Calculus II and Math 245: Discrete Math, in the spring.
If you are currently taking Math 236: Calculus II, you should take Math 237: Calculus III and Math 245: Discrete Math, in the spring. 
If you are already taking Math 237 and/ or Math 245, talk with me individually about the spring.

If you are a statistics major, talk with me individually about the spring.

General Education courses you must take in spring semester:

Every student must take all of the Cluster One courses from the General Education checklist in the first year. (Except for the exceptions, which we will get to shortly.) So, for spring semester, you need to enroll yourself in whichever courses you have yet to complete.

The required Cluster One courses are: 
* Writing (GWTRC 103), 
* Communication (one of GCOM 121, 122, 123), and 
* Critical Thinking (Preferably GPHIL 120, or another course listed under that heading on the General Education checklist, a copy of which may be found here:

Exceptions: Some students have AP or transfer credit for GWRTC 103. If this applies to you, it should appear on your Degree Progress page in MyMadison's Student Center. If you think the credit should be there and it is not, check with the Registrar that your test credit or transfer transcript was received. On the other side, if your academic program is so crowded with courses that you cannot take the required Cluster One courses, you may petition for delay by filling out the Cluster One Course Deferral Form: